By Ononye VC

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Samson Ayokunle, has urged Nigerians from the South to vote for a Christian president in the forth coming presidential electionRev. Ayokunle made this known at the 53rd ministerial anniversary and dedication of Christ Revival Church auditorium in Molete, Ibadan.He called on eligible voters especially those from the south to ensure they exercise their franchise and make sure they vote for a Christian President to better the country.He said; “Let me urge all Christians in this auditorium and tell other Nigerians; you are crying about bad leadership in Nigeria. It’s another time for you to change the bad leaders by your votes.“You are saying you don’t want bad leadership, especially in Nigeria, we are looking for diligent people who can direct and rule Nigeria the way the masses will appreciate better.“This is another opportunity for us by your votes. Anybody who has not collected his Permanent Voters’ Card, PVC, should go and do so. If you have any problem obtaining yours, let us know.“You can’t sit at home and want to enjoy good governance without voting for the right person. Your destiny of voting for the right leaders lies in your hands. Collect your voters’ card at the right time.He said that evil people will no longer rule the country again. He urged Nigerians not to vote because someone is a moneybag or he’s influential. But they should vote for someone they can vouch for and who has the fear of God in his life. He further says they North and Muslims have had their fair share in the leadership of the nation as it is now the turn of the south stressing that God created everyone equal.“Those who came from the north have ruled us for eight years and they are Muslims. Now, it’s the time for Christians to take over for another eight years; because that was how God allowed it to be. He created us equally in Nigeria.“We are over 200 million in Nigeria; Christians are 100 million, while Muslims are 100 million.“You cannot tell me after eight years of rulership from a northern Muslim, you cannot get a competent Christian from the South out of 100 million Christians to take over for another eight years.“That is the wisdom that will make this nation survive when all the ethnic and religious groups are given fair play in the scheme of things, and Christian voters also should be able to vote wisely this time around.”


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